Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Gapple Glom Wendig

On this the most twentieth of twelve. I present:

The Gapple Glom Wendig
J. Foshee

Oh vample gob them drambling drove
from donster hill to hingle throw
went frilly thrill the rabid mole
didst gambol on then dribble Poe

From firebrand hove the wanton sight
the ample rove gave forth the night
when once the dewdrop in its flight
came 'round to live within

whence fervent prayer and power might
bring forth an ever eerie light
Mabe clicks and finds an errant blight
'pon xster's porch the snow

and lay about an awful fight
Those trollops float about the right
and send the fires so swift alight
that once men so called friend.

I've had enough, I'll not bespite
that gibber gallop roam and smite
the flaunted spoils of modern gripe
dug deep within the floe.

And Wendig hath the power of light
to cast a path as on we gripe
that e'er a scribbler ought to write
and write and write again.

FGA (Frequently Given Answers)
(-) No, there isn't any punctuation.
(-) No, I don't want it to have any punctuation
(-) Yes, insomnia does create some interesting things.
(-) No, I don't have any of those particular toys. Who are you?
(-) Yes, it is supposed to get progressively more clear as you read it.
(-) No, I don't know if it is actually poetry.
(-) No, I don't want to know what it really is.
(-) Yes, I do like 'The Wendig' quite a lot.
(-) Yes, his beard has a lot to do with that.
(-) No, I won't give you his phone number.
(-) Yes, I do think the beard is one of the sources of his power.
(-) Yes, this WAS a hat-tip to the Jabberwocky. Glad you noticed.
(-) No, I don't think Chuck Wendig was the actual Jabberwocky.

Anyway, this was something that fell out of my brain at 1AM. I looked at it and then smashed it onto a page. If you like it, great!


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