Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Season's Ending, a poem

The season’s done, the presents out.
Was that what this was all about?
The paper trashed, the bellies full,
The children safely wrapped in wool.
The food was great, The sweets as well,
Time spent with family, really swell.
But as the new year draws so near,
Please think of others, be a dear.
To those that lost, to those in need,
To those who hunger that we can feed.
To acquaintances here and strangers far,
It’s time we collectively raised the bar.
Each of us has tribulation.
Somewhere, someone needs motivation.
If you can spend from selfless self,
And be a loving, helpful elf,
Then more’s the good if all would give.
Inspire another soul to live.
Then you will see, when next we meet,
A brand new world, a Christmas feat!
Then time with family, emotion blending,
Now that’s a perfect Season Ending!

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